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Last Friday, we showed you the work of Stu Crew, the British designer behind the Ivericks concept, an OS X variant incorporating the visual cues of iOS 7. Stu's work has enjoyed a fine display on the net, the proiect has been relayed by the biggest IT news sites such as 9to5Mac, CultofMac and Gizmodo.

In his first interview to the French public, Stu Crew agreed to appear before you, the readers of Mac in Poche!

Hello Stu, can you introduce yourself to our readers, as well as your career and your work

Hello, I'm 22 and I've just graduated from Coventry University with a BA in Automotive Design. That's my main focus of work but I love all types of design. Product, graphics, UI/UX, anything! Last summer I had the opportunity to work in a automotive design consultancy but so far my design career is just beginning.

What are your motivations in the choice of themes as you go?

When starting a project I believe research is very important because understanding your user will help you define your goals. Style comes from a mix of user profiles, brand themes, and what the direction of the product should be. I'm a strong believer in design that's intuitive and approachable. Style wise I'm a big fan of minimalism mixed with a fascination of old industrial things.

What is your usual method of work? What tools do you use?

It depends on the project but 90% of the time the first thing I reach for is a pen and start sketching. After that, it depends on the project. For an automotive project the next step would be Photoshop for renders, a 3D model or a CAD model. For Ivericks I started recreating elements from iOS 7 such as the icons in Adobe Illustrator. Vector drawing is one of my favourite hobbies and perfect for this kind of work. Once I had the basics set up I copied certain OS X features and combined them to create what you see today.

Your last concept "OS X Ivericks" has created a buzz on the internet, did you expect such a craze?

No! I put it on my website and it got a few hits, mostly from friends and family. I sent it to two Apple news websites: 9to5 Mac and Cult of Mac. I got a quick response from 9to5 Mac asking for higher resolution images and within a few hours it was posted. I started getting more and more traffic to my website, and then after Cult of Mac posted it the number of visitors increased even higher. It happened quite late, about 10pm here in the UK so I missed a lot of the initial rush. I had quite a surprise the next morning! I think it shows people's interest and just how strongly mac users feel about what Apple might do in the future.

Have you received proposals work from Apple or other companies as a result of your project on OS X?

Not yet, but I'll wait and see. A lot of this has happened over the weekend so most businesses are closed. I've had lots of emails from people saying they like my work and that's been fantastic. I've replied to every one, that's how much it means to me that people are engaging with my concept and asking questions.

Do you have a new project for the coming weeks?

I have something lined up but first I think people might want to see a few more apps and features added to OS X Ivericks. From conversations with people there's a few things I'd like to try. I might also work on something more automotive/product. Watch out for more from me in the future!

Do you have any tips to improve the style of Mac in Poche?

Without knowing very much about the website it's hard to say. I think Mac in Poche has a nice style, it's clean and makes the content really stand out. I especially like the wallpaper gallery!

I'd like to thank everyone at Mac in Poche for being so enthusiastic about my work and for taking the time to write another article about me. And a huge thank you to everyone who has viewed my website over the past few days.

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